COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and based on recommendations from the department of health and our various levels of government, we have canceled church services up to and including Apr 5th. As you have no doubt seen in the media, the nature and severity of the response to this virus is changing on an almost daily basis so at this point we have no idea if we will be able to the resume regular services after Apr 5th.

Pastor Juanita is exploring and using a variety of ways of keeping in contact with everyone in the congregation through this unknown time using a variety of types of technology ranging from phone calls to email to possibly video conferencing.

Although it may seem like an over reaction we would also like to encourage everyone to follow health department guidelines pertaining to social distancing. Unfortunately this means minimizing contact through such activities as meeting together in homes for meals or other social activities. We would like to encourage everyone to maintain social contact through phone calls, email, etc with everyone. Also, making sure that you are taking appropriate social distance precautions, please reach out and help anyone who might need help. Just making a phone call to see how someone is doing or offering to pick up a few groceries for someone who is less able to get out can make a big difference.

One Thousand Quilts

Joesph Grove has completed one thousand quilts. As a teenager he made two quilts before he married. When he retired from the farm in 1989 his quilt making truly began. He sorts his material, irons, cuts the pieces, large pieces first and then moves on to smaller ones. Lena Martin, who has quilted a number of Joseph’s quilts, is impressed with his perfectly cut and ironed squares and enjoys quilting his lovely projects. The small scraps are used for quilts for his family. He has made quilts for all their children and grandchildren. He is now working on quilts for all their great grandchildren. Well done, good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:23